Professional Use of the Salesforce Forms

Forms integrated with Salesforce CRM are referred to as Salesforce Forms.

Forms are visible online, called Online Forms.

Online Forms are created with tools called Online Form Builders. The next step in creating online form is Salesforce Integration.

When forms are integrated with Salesforce CRM, we call it Salesforce integration. Mostly, the form builder applications provide integration features.

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Use Salesforce Forms for Better Business in Data Collection

Salesforce forms are referred to forms integrated with the Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce leads the cloud computing industry having applications for the business operations such as Customer Relationship Management.

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Use Online Forms

Imagine. Your business is a startup. You need everything, from building things to manage them properly. You need people, technical people, and their data as well. Also, you need customers. Before you think about these facts, you need a system, a system that can handle things properly, automatically and seamlessly, on the go. For the full original article, proceed to this page at Medium.

Salesforce experience: Show Item Number in Repeated Section

Today's post is about repeated section. As you can insert many items in the section, it sometimes confuses the form filler. It may result in losing the track which results in errors and mistakes.

To prevent such misconception and mistakes, as a section may contain lots of items, the FormTitan system has been upgraded and, we have included the feature of "showing number" in repeated sections.

To know more about this update, and learn actionable steps to use the feature, proceed to this tutorial about the subject. Also, stay focused at this page about populating items in the section.

Salesforce World: Populating items in Section

You can make use of the Section element in your Salesforce experience. A section element contains different items that you can display anywhere in your system.

With the new updates in FormTitan for Salesforce system, you can show multiple items by default, instead of showing just the first one.

For more information about the option known as "Populate items", please refer to this tutorial to extend your knowledge. Also, read more information about using the Repeated section.

It is also recommended to know more about salesforce Get integration that helps you carry out data transmission between your form fields and salesforce objects.

Salesforce experience: Bulk Apply in Condition

Conditions play important role in collecting data, smartly. You can set conditions for the form fields and execute results if condition terms are met.

Now, when you apply the results to form fields, you can apply them to single or multiple fields of the form. In this case, now you have another feature of applying your results to most or all of the form fields. This feature is referred to as Bulk Apply option.

For more information, let's proceed a step further and learn more about Bulk Reply option.

It is also recommended to learn about using the condition features in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping.

Salesforce experience: Tranzila Payments

As you know, FormTitan supports various payment options to sell your digital products online.

According to recent improvements in the system, the Tranzila payment form now supports a Thank you message and redirect to URL option.

This means that you can show a customized message to users, also the user gets redirected to a URL after the form has been completed.

Let's proceed to know more about the subject. Also, it is recommended to learn more about Thank you message, and how to use the redirect to URL option.

To expand your knowledge, read more about Get integration.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Version Control Feature

The version control feature is cool in FormTitan for Salesforce mapping.

It is used to save all changes in each entry. While managing your entered data, you can make use of the new feature about saving your data properly.

By using the subject feature, you can save the previous changes to content, as well as save the new changes. It helps you save all the data, properly, in a more seamless way.

For more information on the subject, let's proceed to this tutorial on version control feature. Also, read this tutorial for more in-depth information.

FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping: Hidden fields in auto-layout for Mobile and Tablet

Hidden fields feature is one of the most important features of the FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping system. Hidden fields allow us to store values without showing them to form fillers.

In Desktop version, the user can spot out the hidden fields easily. It means the users can find out unusual space if hidden fields create such space. Users can also resize the hidden fields in FormTitan's previous version.

While switching to Mobile or Tablet devices with auto layout option, the fields had issues with responsive design. FormTitan took care of the matter and solved it accordingly. You can read more about it here. Also, learn more about making your form responsive.

Salesforce experience: Populate Fields with URL Parameters

As you know better in salesforce experience, you can populate fields by get integration. In this case, form fields are populated with data from the salesforce objects.

You can also populate data with URL parameters. In this case, when you place values into URLs, you can populate different fields. Now, according to recent updates in the system, you can also populate Date and Time fields with URL parameters.

For syntax method of how to populate Date and Time fields with URL parameters, this tutorial at FormTitan support blog will help you cover the process. Also, learn how to populate fields with URL parameters.

Mac Users: Hotkeys in Form Builder for Salesforce Mapping

By using the hotkeys, you can cut down time doing different things. A hotkey provides quick access to computer functions.
The recent update about Hotkeys highlights the Mac users. The Mac users can now use the Command key while using the keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys.
In Windows, we use the CTRL key for the shortcuts.
Hotkeys add flexibility to work. The more you remember hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts, the quicker you can work. For more information about hotkeys for the Mac users, please proceed to this page about Mac hotkeys.
Moreover, view the entire list of hotkeys.

Salesforce Experience: Empty Condition

You can set conditions for the form fields. You can also take actions based on empty field status.

There is an option about empty field status of a form field. You can check "Is empty" or "Is not empty" status of a field. However this feature was not available for all the fields.

According to recent improvements in FormTitan system, the feature has been added to two more elements; the Numeric and the Price. Before this, these two fields did not provide the said options.

Want to know more about the subject? Let's proceed to this page about checking the empty conditions.

Error Messages in Salesforce

With integration logs, you can see the stats of your push actions. A log history contains action logs that help you know about the actions, what and when happened.

You can also see the error messages if an action is not completed properly.

It helps you learn about your processes. As you can see the logs for the actions, you can know about the problems.

For more information about the topic, please have a look at this tutorial about added error messages for skip in Push. Also, know more about the Salesforce Get on Load feature.

Salesforce Get on Load Feature

If you try to read salesforce data when your form loads, with a specific condition based on a hidden field in the form; this was not possible.

In the recent updates in FormTitan's system, this feature is supported now. It means that you can read the Salesforce data on form load, along with a specific condition based on a hidden field. The hidden field resides in your form.

For more information about this topic, you can read this tutorial on salesforce get on load feature based on a hidden field.

It is also recommended to read about salesforce get integration. Get integration helps you populate your form fields with salesforce object data.

Salesforce Default Date and Time Settings

As you know, you can drag and drop different kinds of elements on Canvas. It is a place where you can design your form interface for the later use.

When you drag an element on to canvas, the element contains no value at all. This tutorial addresses the same case where you can set a default value for an element on canvas.

For example, when you drag and drop a date element on canvas, you can now set a default value for the element. For more information on default date element settings, please refer to this tutorial about salesforce default date and time settings.

Salesforce Custom Push: Ignore Mandatory and Validations

A form contains lots of fields, both mandatory and validations. You can submit your form after filling in mandatory fields. And the form is successfully accepted and submitted after proper validations.

In recent updates for the salesforce push, ignore validations and mandatory fields option has been added. You can use this feature to ignore mandatory and field validation process.

This option helps you execute push without validation and filling in mandatory fields. For more information on the topic, proceed to this tutorial. To know more about Salesforce Push, this tutorial will help you cover the topic in details.

Increase Form Productivity with Salesforce CRM

Long before online forms, we used manual methods to collect data. From collection to managing data manually, we faced hard times doing things, papers, arrangement and removing errors by hand.
Online forms solved the problem. People built software to write, code or design interactive forms. Forms that automate tasks and help us collect, validate and arrange data in automated routines.
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Form Assembly Alternatives

Online Form Builders play important role in several aspects, helping you create interactive forms, collect data, integrate with third-party applications and enhance managing of captured data.
Not only you can perform the said operations with forms, you can achieve more technical benchmarks with Salesforce Integration.
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FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping: Push Logs

Recently, we addressed learning the usage of the logs containing integration events. Keeping in mind the importance of the logs, we discuss the push logs that are available in submissions.

According to recent updates, you can now access the push logs from the submissions page. You can see logs related to push actions that tell you about the success or failure of push actions.

Apart from that, you can learn more about the topic here. In this tutorial, you learn through a detailed walkthrough of the feature, along with steps and benefits you need to learn.