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Using a web form wizard is the easiest way to create an online form

It only takes 4 steps to create your form!

We have just added a new tool to our form builder, which we think will be of great use to our users: a 4 step wizard to create a new form.While creating a new form from scratch (also known as “blank” in our form builder) is simple enough, using a wizard simplifies things even more. It allows the user to build an online form more swiftly: without drag & drop and without dealing too much with element properties. 
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Facebook lead ads VS Landing pages - which is the better option?

The landing pages and facebook lead ads are both prominent online advertising methods.
But which is a better advertising tool? Which should you use for your campaign? while some will tell you that landing pages are better, others would swear that the facebook lead ads will give better results. So which one is a better option?
There are endless articles onLanding Page optimization, and on facebook lead ads as well, so in order to get a clearer picture, we need to look over the advantages and disadvantages of both.
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Facebook Lead Ads for improving conversions

Why advertise on Facebook? Besides facebook being one of the most popular social networks, it has great capabilities for
advertising. According to “wordStream” blog, Facebook has a user base larger than the population of China! With 1.49 billion members worldwide”. They also list other advantages such as pricing (“Facebook ads tend to cost a fraction of what other online marketing channels cost”), ads variety (Provides “tons of different ad types”) and targeting skills (“Facebook targeting capabilities is beyond belief”).

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Optimize your form with a custom thank you message

What is a Thank you message? The Thank you message is a on screen message that appears right after the form is submitted.
When You are creating an online form you need to create a thank you message.

Find out more about the thank you message, what it is for and how to use it
in the following article "thank you message and thank you page"

Article about FormTitan in

There is an article out about us in Here you can build your forms very easily. Read to know about the simple form designing tool FormTitan. Unless form design is your profession, you will definitely find it difficult. Most people who do not have programming skill, frown at the complications of some online form design software, because even simple tasks take lots of their effort and time. You can read the whole article here : FormTitan - Create professional form designs