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Integrating WordPress with Salesforce

WordPress is an open source Content Management System, used to build blogs and sites.

A large number of sites on the Internet are built with WordPress. With that in mind, adding a CRM to WordPress results in increased productivity.

Here you can read the full article about integrating WordPress with Salesforce system.

Professional Use of the Salesforce Forms

Forms integrated with Salesforce CRM are referred to as Salesforce Forms.

Forms are visible online, called Online Forms.

Online Forms are created with tools called Online Form Builders. The next step in creating online form is Salesforce Integration.

When forms are integrated with Salesforce CRM, we call it Salesforce integration. Mostly, the form builder applications provide integration features.

Let's proceed to medium article, full and original source of this write-up.

Use Salesforce Forms for Better Business in Data Collection

Salesforce forms are referred to forms integrated with the Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce leads the cloud computing industry having applications for the business operations such as Customer Relationship Management.

Read the full original article at Medium.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Use Online Forms

Imagine. Your business is a startup. You need everything, from building things to manage them properly. You need people, technical people, and their data as well. Also, you need customers. Before you think about these facts, you need a system, a system that can handle things properly, automatically and seamlessly, on the go. For the full original article, proceed to this page at Medium.

Salesforce experience: Show Item Number in Repeated Section

Today's post is about repeated section. As you can insert many items in the section, it sometimes confuses the form filler. It may result in losing the track which results in errors and mistakes.

To prevent such misconception and mistakes, as a section may contain lots of items, the FormTitan system has been upgraded and, we have included the feature of "showing number" in repeated sections.

To know more about this update, and learn actionable steps to use the feature, proceed to this tutorial about the subject. Also, stay focused at this page about populating items in the section.

Salesforce World: Populating items in Section

You can make use of the Section element in your Salesforce experience. A section element contains different items that you can display anywhere in your system.

With the new updates in FormTitan for Salesforce system, you can show multiple items by default, instead of showing just the first one.

For more information about the option known as "Populate items", please refer to this tutorial to extend your knowledge. Also, read more information about using the Repeated section.

It is also recommended to know more about salesforce Get integration that helps you carry out data transmission between your form fields and salesforce objects.

Salesforce experience: Bulk Apply in Condition

Conditions play important role in collecting data, smartly. You can set conditions for the form fields and execute results if condition terms are met.

Now, when you apply the results to form fields, you can apply them to single or multiple fields of the form. In this case, now you have another feature of applying your results to most or all of the form fields. This feature is referred to as Bulk Apply option.

For more information, let's proceed a step further and learn more about Bulk Reply option.

It is also recommended to learn about using the condition features in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping.

Salesforce experience: Tranzila Payments

As you know, FormTitan supports various payment options to sell your digital products online.

According to recent improvements in the system, the Tranzila payment form now supports a Thank you message and redirect to URL option.

This means that you can show a customized message to users, also the user gets redirected to a URL after the form has been completed.

Let's proceed to know more about the subject. Also, it is recommended to learn more about Thank you message, and how to use the redirect to URL option.

To expand your knowledge, read more about Get integration.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Version Control Feature

The version control feature is cool in FormTitan for Salesforce mapping.

It is used to save all changes in each entry. While managing your entered data, you can make use of the new feature about saving your data properly.

By using the subject feature, you can save the previous changes to content, as well as save the new changes. It helps you save all the data, properly, in a more seamless way.

For more information on the subject, let's proceed to this tutorial on version control feature. Also, read this tutorial for more in-depth information.

FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping: Hidden fields in auto-layout for Mobile and Tablet

Hidden fields feature is one of the most important features of the FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping system. Hidden fields allow us to store values without showing them to form fillers.

In Desktop version, the user can spot out the hidden fields easily. It means the users can find out unusual space if hidden fields create such space. Users can also resize the hidden fields in FormTitan's previous version.

While switching to Mobile or Tablet devices with auto layout option, the fields had issues with responsive design. FormTitan took care of the matter and solved it accordingly. You can read more about it here. Also, learn more about making your form responsive.

Salesforce experience: Populate Fields with URL Parameters

As you know better in salesforce experience, you can populate fields by get integration. In this case, form fields are populated with data from the salesforce objects.

You can also populate data with URL parameters. In this case, when you place values into URLs, you can populate different fields. Now, according to recent updates in the system, you can also populate Date and Time fields with URL parameters.

For syntax method of how to populate Date and Time fields with URL parameters, this tutorial at FormTitan support blog will help you cover the process. Also, learn how to populate fields with URL parameters.

Mac Users: Hotkeys in Form Builder for Salesforce Mapping

By using the hotkeys, you can cut down time doing different things. A hotkey provides quick access to computer functions.
The recent update about Hotkeys highlights the Mac users. The Mac users can now use the Command key while using the keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys.
In Windows, we use the CTRL key for the shortcuts.
Hotkeys add flexibility to work. The more you remember hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts, the quicker you can work. For more information about hotkeys for the Mac users, please proceed to this page about Mac hotkeys.
Moreover, view the entire list of hotkeys.

Salesforce Experience: Empty Condition

You can set conditions for the form fields. You can also take actions based on empty field status.

There is an option about empty field status of a form field. You can check "Is empty" or "Is not empty" status of a field. However this feature was not available for all the fields.

According to recent improvements in FormTitan system, the feature has been added to two more elements; the Numeric and the Price. Before this, these two fields did not provide the said options.

Want to know more about the subject? Let's proceed to this page about checking the empty conditions.

Error Messages in Salesforce

With integration logs, you can see the stats of your push actions. A log history contains action logs that help you know about the actions, what and when happened.

You can also see the error messages if an action is not completed properly.

It helps you learn about your processes. As you can see the logs for the actions, you can know about the problems.

For more information about the topic, please have a look at this tutorial about added error messages for skip in Push. Also, know more about the Salesforce Get on Load feature.

Salesforce Get on Load Feature

If you try to read salesforce data when your form loads, with a specific condition based on a hidden field in the form; this was not possible.

In the recent updates in FormTitan's system, this feature is supported now. It means that you can read the Salesforce data on form load, along with a specific condition based on a hidden field. The hidden field resides in your form.

For more information about this topic, you can read this tutorial on salesforce get on load feature based on a hidden field.

It is also recommended to read about salesforce get integration. Get integration helps you populate your form fields with salesforce object data.

Salesforce Default Date and Time Settings

As you know, you can drag and drop different kinds of elements on Canvas. It is a place where you can design your form interface for the later use.

When you drag an element on to canvas, the element contains no value at all. This tutorial addresses the same case where you can set a default value for an element on canvas.

For example, when you drag and drop a date element on canvas, you can now set a default value for the element. For more information on default date element settings, please refer to this tutorial about salesforce default date and time settings.

Salesforce Custom Push: Ignore Mandatory and Validations

A form contains lots of fields, both mandatory and validations. You can submit your form after filling in mandatory fields. And the form is successfully accepted and submitted after proper validations.

In recent updates for the salesforce push, ignore validations and mandatory fields option has been added. You can use this feature to ignore mandatory and field validation process.

This option helps you execute push without validation and filling in mandatory fields. For more information on the topic, proceed to this tutorial. To know more about Salesforce Push, this tutorial will help you cover the topic in details.

Increase Form Productivity with Salesforce CRM

Long before online forms, we used manual methods to collect data. From collection to managing data manually, we faced hard times doing things, papers, arrangement and removing errors by hand.
Online forms solved the problem. People built software to write, code or design interactive forms. Forms that automate tasks and help us collect, validate and arrange data in automated routines.
Read More

Form Assembly Alternatives

Online Form Builders play important role in several aspects, helping you create interactive forms, collect data, integrate with third-party applications and enhance managing of captured data.
Not only you can perform the said operations with forms, you can achieve more technical benchmarks with Salesforce Integration.
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FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping: Push Logs

Recently, we addressed learning the usage of the logs containing integration events. Keeping in mind the importance of the logs, we discuss the push logs that are available in submissions.

According to recent updates, you can now access the push logs from the submissions page. You can see logs related to push actions that tell you about the success or failure of push actions.

Apart from that, you can learn more about the topic here. In this tutorial, you learn through a detailed walkthrough of the feature, along with steps and benefits you need to learn.

Error Log History in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

A log history keeps track record of errors occurred in the system. It helps you understand different events and error messages, and helps you troubleshoot your system properly.

In FormTitan integration, you can see logs. You can see logs of push operations. You can find out the status of every push operation, success or failure. This provides real knowledge about your push operations.

For more information on logs in FormTitan for Salesforce integration and mapping, you can learn more from this tutorial. After you learn the basics, you can play with Account Settings to find the logs feature.

PDF Mapping: Conditional Logic in Salesforce experience

Conditional logic allows users to perform things under various conditions. When something occurs, the system takes another action based and defined in the conditional logic clause.

With conditional logic in the PDF mapping, you can create PDF if a specific condition is True. Before this feature, users could create PDF without form condition. You could create PDF on form submission in the past.

This feature plays importance in two cases. It automates the PDF creation process, cutting down the manual work. On the other hand, you can now create smart applications and create a PDF in the output, if the condition is True.

Also, learn more about the mapping process.

Thank You Message Box for Better Salesforce Experience

We use message boxes to convey information to users. The message box contains text regarding a specific event, notification or update that lets users know, act or proceed with specific instructions.

In Form settings, you can adjust message text for desired events and operations. This feature illustrates FormTitan's best system for Salesforce integration and mapping.

With recent updates, you can also change the title of the message box that appears after the form is submitted. Form owners can show form fillers suitable messages on form submission. To learn more about the topic, proceed to this tutorial about changing the title text for the Thank You message box.

Save and Resume option in Hebrew in Formtitan for Salesforce Integration

You have been using Save and Resume option in FormTitan for Salesforce system. This option helps you enter and save the form to complete the form at a later time.

The new updates include features about using the Save and Resume option in Hebrew. You can now see the Hebrew translation to the Draft window. This happens automatically when you choose your form language as Hebrew.

You need to learn more about the subject topic. In this tutorial, you learn briefly the way you can implement the said feature. To expand your knowledge about salesforce, it is recommended to proceed to this tutorial about populating your form fields with Get integration.

Learn about Child Objects in Salesforce Push Payment

When you deal with integration, push integration may contain several lines. These lines act as child objects. Each of these lines is treated as a single one but represented as a hierarchy.

The best part is that you can execute a payment in forms having payment integration option. In this case, you can push data to salesforce and child objects after the payment has been executed.

To clarify the concept and learn more about child objects, proceed to this tutorial on FormTitan support blog. Also, you should watch this video for more information on the subject.

Salesforce Integration: Create Upon Payment Label

FormTitan system has been updated with new features. Some of the main features include salesforce objects, field types, and labels.

The recent update adds improvement in payment integration and serves users using the payment integration in their forms. Users can now push their payment data with information as well.

With "Create Upon Payment" label, users having multiple integration lines can spot out individual lines. When users integrate payment option into their forms, they can use the "Create Upon Payment" label to mark the line for later identification.

To know more about the subject, this tutorial about creating upon label covers the topic in details.

Salesforce Push updates in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

In Salesforce experience, when you update a record, you face the duplication problem. Sometimes, you need to choose that what should happen when multiple records are found while updating a record.

You face the said case while working with Push integration. Up till now, you could perform general operations like skip when multiple records are found. In the recent updates, you can create a new record when multiple records are matched.

To illustrate and learn more about this update, proceed to this tutorial about creation option added to salesforce push if multiple records are found. Also, learn more about the Salesforce Push Action.

MailChimp support in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping

FormTitan upgrades and improves its system with the passage of time. Users are provided more functionality, productive tools and features they love for the Salesforce experience, including integration and mapping.

Recently, FormTitan upgraded its system and added support for the Mail Chimp new version 3.0. This improvement helps users use new tools for their marketing automation, as Mail Chimp provides tools and resources for marketing automation and campaigns.

To know more about this topic, you can visit this page about Mail Chimp update. Also, proceed to learn more about Salesforce integration and mapping, where you can sign up for the Salesforce experience.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping: Element Type Displayed in Basic Settings

In FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping, the canvas shows lots of information about key factors. This interface along with canvas provides flexible options to view, change and display options according to the matter of taste of the user.

The system has been updated with new options and improvements. Now, when a specific item such as element is selected, users can see the type of element in basic settings. It was not available before.

Regarding this matter, you should proceed to page about element type displayed in basic settings. This tutorial will help you learn more about the subject.

Allow Later Editing Feature in Formtitan for Salesforce Integration

Generally, the form entries are submitted when a user clicks the submit button. In this case, the form filler has no option to edit or change the data.

With "Allow Later Editing" option, the form filler has the option to edit the entered data. Users can edit and change their form data by accessing their forms with a specific URL.

This feature provides a flexible routine for editing form entries. In this case, users can enter their form entries after form submission.

This tutorial at FormTitan support blog covers the topic in details, including topic definition and important instruction as well.

Bug Fixes in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

New bugs have been fixed in FormTitan for Salesforce integration system. The first bugfix contains calculated field relation with CSS. The calculated field was not affected by CSS before, the system got improved with this bug fixed properly.

In the same manner, the second bug was about salesforce table. Before this update, the system had the option to change the table caption but the rows at the bottom of the table were not available for translation. The recent bug fix edition of the FormTitan fixed this issue properly.

Let's learn more about these bug fix updates, go to this tutorial for more information.

FormTitan: Number of Rows in Salesforce Table

As Tables provide a graphical representation of data, consisting of rows and columns; the FormTitan system ensures flexible options in tables. With tables, you can create rows and columns to store and arrange data.

Recent updates changed the way we use the Salesforce tables. Users can now set a numeric field as the basis for the table values. In this case, the system populates the values in table on the basis of numeric field condition.

Let's learn more about number of rows in Salesforce table based on parameters. Also, read more on how to limit the number of salesforce table dynamically.

Save As Draft option in FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping

In forms having multiple fields, users can save the forms for later access. When a user enters and saves a form, the user can resume the filling at a later time.

Save As Draft option provides a flexible filling routine for users. This option can serve even better in multi-page forms. Moreover, as users can create dynamic forms with FormTitan, we ensure their forms have past entries when they resume the process at a later time.

Here, we are listing resources for you to learn more. Proceed to Save and Resume page for more information. Moreover, this page about the subject will help you cover the topic with details.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Hover and Selected Effects in Elements

Using elements in FormTitan is a routine based experience. In the recent updates, the elements are updated with visual effects for enhanced display.

The visual effects are shown on mouse hovering. The elements change background color and border when hovered by the user. The form owners can make their form elements exposed by setting hover effects for them.

In this way, if something is more important in the form, form owners can tell form fillers by having hovering effects applied to elements. For more information, learn to add the hover and selected effects. Also, read about the subject here.

Set Value From Option in FormTitan for Salesforce Mapping

The Set Value From option helps you use the value of another field. You can make use of the option in conditioning situations, and assign the value of one field to another on the basis of a condition.

The Set Value From option is added to FormTitan recently. It is indeed a major achievement in Drop down and Radio buttons.

The use of this option provides extra flexibility to populate specific fields. Choosing an item from the Dropdown or a Radio button helps you achieve populating form fields quickly.

Let's learn more about the subject, and proceed to the page describing the use the "Set Value From" feature in FormTitan. Also, read about salesforce get integration feature in FormTitan.

Address Mapping in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

FormTitan supports displaying Google Map for its users. Form owners can display the exact location of the address in the form. This approach works when a user fills an address into form address field.

We can call it embedding google map address into a form, or mapping the address from Google maps. The feature gives location understanding of the form filler, right in the form. The map is displayed below the form fields, identified by the label saying Google map.

The page at FormTitan support blog describes the map feature in details. For more information, read about the mapping process of form fields. Also, read about how to set your Google map to an address field.

Authorized.Net New Payment Integration added in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping

Time by time, FormTitan has been updated with new payment integration systems. With these services, the form owners can design forms that accept payments online. Users can buy products and services by using the payment integration system to pay online.

There are lots of payment integration systems in the FormTitan system. Another new one called the Authorized.Net has been added recently.

To learn about the payment integration services in FormTitan, you can proceed to this tutorial about using the payment integration systems in your form. Also, pay special attention to this tutorial about payment integration in FormTitan.

Salesforce Table Links with Icons

FormTitan improves its interface with the passage of time. The latest update shows interactive icons in Salesforce Table to perform actions. Users could carry out Edit, View and Delete operations by clicking on text links before, now they are able to see and use interactive icons for the said operations.

The update is flexible to provide a positive user interface that boosts experience and productivity. It is recommended to proceed to this tutorial for more information. This tutorial at FormTitan's support blog describes the update in details, along with screenshots and proper description.

Payment Integration update in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

FormTitan supports payment integration to sell your products and services. You can add a payment to your form, sell your products and collect payments on the go.

By using payment integration, you can collect the credit card payments on your forms. The system has been updated with a new payment integration feature, known as Payment Hub. The Payment Hub is known as one of the major payment solutions in the Salesforce CRM.

You can learn more about the Payment Hub and its features on the FormTitan blog. Also, it is recommended to learn about adding a payment to form.

Learn to use a Hyperlink From Salesforce in Your Table

The Salesforce Table ensures data arrangement in tabular form. It helps users create tables, consisting of rows and columns to save and show the data.

According to new updates in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping, the Salesforce Table cells can also be linked. This means that users can now add links to their Table cells from the Salesforce account.

The Table cells linking feature populates the table's cells with more information by adding relevant links. Users can proceed to more information or page by clicking on the table cell links.

For more information about the subject, this tutorial at FormTitan support blog helps you cover the topic. Also, read all about using the Hyperlinks in Salesforce.

New Feature in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Auto Submit

To begin with online forms, form fillers follow a traditional approach to use forms. Users fill in the forms and press the submit button at the end. Unlike this routine, the new feature in FormTitan plays a vital role in submitting the form automatically.

With new Auto Submit feature in FormTitan, you can load, auto-populate and submit the form automatically. This process eliminates the traditional manual work while filling into form fields.

For more information about Auto Submit feature in FormTitan, you can learn from this tutorial about Auto Submit. Also, read more about Auto Submit.

Convert a Lead into Contact in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping

A Lead represents a potential prospect for the Sales team. The sales team finds leads for marketing and carrying out sales prospecting. The example of a Lead is an email address.

In FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping, you can convert a Lead into Contact. The Lead represents a standard Salesforce object for a potential prospect.

For the same purpose, the Salesforce officially provides a Convert Lead function. This function does the same for Salesforce users, converts a Lead into Contact.

For more information about the subject, proceed to this tutorial. Also, learn about converting a Lead into Contact.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Support for Dependency Picklist

In Dependent picklist in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping, there are many picklist values. In this situation, users create a picklist that has different child values under each picklist value.

The subject of dependent picklist is added to FormTitan system. The Dependent picklist allows users to create a hierarchy, consisting of the picklist values. These values are referred to as child picklist values.

Let's learn more about support for Dependent Picklist in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping. Also, proceed to learn more about using the Dependent Picklist. In this tutorial, you can learn about using the Dependent picklist, with proper screenshots and action steps.

Learn about Salesforce Table Modal Windows Style

The Salesforce Table is one of the most important functionalities in the FormTitan form builder. In the recent version of FormTitan, we announced an update regarding Salesforce Table.

The update contains the style of the table modal window. That said the form owner can now change the style of the table modals, including View, Edit and Add options. To proceed, you select the Table on canvas, proceed to style tab and make necessary changes.

For information about the update that highlights the Salesforce Table Modal window style, proceed to this tutorial. To learn more about the Salesforce Table, this tutorial about changing the Salesforce Table style holds important knowledge.

Salesforce Integration: Function mode to String Calculated Field

There is a new option added to FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping. The new feature is added to the calculated field.

By turning the Function mode on, you can perform calculations as necessary. Users can carry out various calculations by using the JavaScript code. Moreover, you can perform different types of calculations with the JavaScript code, including string or math functions.

Let's learn more about the new update regarding calculated field type. Proceed to this tutorial for more information about Function mode to string calculated field. Also, you can learn about other updates regarding calculated field type.

Update: New Payment Integration in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

As you know, FormTitan supports many payment integrations, including PayPal, Stripe, iDeal, Tranzila, iCredit, BlueSnap, Mollie and a new system called YaadPay.

Payment Integration is one of the most important features in online forms. It helps you sell your digital products and services, and make you able to accept and collect payments on your form.

To learn more about payment integrations, and how to add a payment to your form; proceed to this tutorial. This tutorial will help you achieve the process properly.

Moreover, this page contains information about the new payment integration update, YaadPay.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: New Button Type Condition

The Button element in FormTitan works in different manners. By default, the button element works as a submission element. But you can change its function according to convenience.

A new function is added to the Button element. You can now use the Button to carry out specific conditional behaviors, including show/hide or enable/disable. You can find the button condition in the list under Button Type.

For more information about the new update in Button type element condition, proceed to this tutorial. Also, it is recommended to expand your knowledge about the button-type element, this tutorial will play an important role.

Salesforce Action Button: Move to a Specific Page

In FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping, you make use of specific features that help you proceed to next levels or pages. One of those features is the Action Button.

The Salesforce Action Button helps you browse to next page in your form. It takes the form filler to next page after finishing the form filling process. In most cases, the Action Button takes the form filler to the next or previous page by using a custom Get or Push operation.

With more advancement, you can now choose a specific page form the list, and get there by using the Action Button. Read this tutorial for more details about new features in the Salesforce Action Button.

Using Alternative Find Feature in Salesforce Get

The FormTitan has been updated with a new feature about finding an entered field in two positions. To proceed for the said situation, you create two integration lines.

The first integration line helps you search the user entered field (for example Email) in the Contact object, while the second integration line searches the field in the Lead object records.

This procedure ensures finding the entered value more specifically. It provides an alternative approach to find the user entered identifier field in Contact or Lead object records.

Let's proceed to watch the video below. You can watch the video showing the FormTitan Salesforce Checking the Contact or Lead object records in action. Also, read more about using alternative find feature in Salesforce Get.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Resize Hidden Fields

Hidden fields add flexible features in a form. Programmers and form owners use hidden fields to add options to forms and process the data in the background.

While working on a form, the form creator can insert hidden fields in the form. The form owner can see the hidden fields, form fillers can't see. In order to make your form design more attractive, the FormTitan added the option to resize your hidden fields.

Users can resize their hidden fields without affecting the fields or form functionality. Once resized, form owners can free up space for important items in the form. To know more about the update, read this tutorial.

Salesforce Table: Mandatory Feature in Edit and Add

As a system owner, you can make use of the Salesforce table. You can set the Push and Get options in Table, and define the mandatory fields as well.

Mandatory fields possess necessity for entering data into fields. Once a field is marked as necessary or mandatory, the user has to fill in the field to proceed.

As a form owner, you can assign rights to form filler, such as editing and adding the data. Along with that in mind, you can also force users to enter data for mandatory fields.

Learn using the Salesforce table. Also, read more about Mandatory Fields in Salesforce Table.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: PDF Mapping File name and Barcode

You have read about Paper Form Mapping in the FormTitan. There are two more options added to the PDF Mapping feature.

Now, you can create PDF files with customized names. It means that the "Submit options box" allows a user to enter a customized name for the PDF.

On the other hand, the mapping features have been improved. You can now map the Barcode element to your PDF.

With customized PDF name, you can change the default PDF name. While with Barcode element mapping, you can generate a new barcode and add it to your PDF Mapping.

Read more about PDF Mapping File name and Barcode

Payment Integration Emails: FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

Once you enable the "Send mail" checkbox in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping, you can send emails to form filler and the owner of the form. The emails are sent to notify the concerned individuals.

This option has been added to payment integration. The feature allows you to send emails on form submission, however; you can notify the concerned individuals when a payment has been made.

To know more about the details, read the tutorial that describes the subject in details. Also, this tutorial about adding a payment to your form will help you expand your knowledge about payment integration and other settings.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Redirect in Custom Push and Get

A custom Salesforce Action button helps you carry out Get or Push operation. This process involves the Salesforce objects.

Well, the best part is; the FormTitan has been updated with new features, including more options after the data is pushed or carried out the Get command. For example, you can process the mails after Get or Push operation.

Now, you can also redirect the user after filling in the form. This feature helps you take the user to another page or level of the form filling routine.

Go to this tutorial for more details about Redirect option. Also, read about Custom Push and Get Redirect options.

Tranzila Payments in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

Payment integration helps you receive money from your form fillers. You can build a store, sell your products and receive credit card payments on your form. This routine helps you create an online store with payment option on your form.

The FormTitan's new version includes new support for payment installments. When using the Tranzila, users can make their payments into several equal installments.

Also, the token support has been added. The form fillers can use payment tokens in a different payment solution. For more details about new additions, go to this page. Moreover; read about payment integration feature in details, where you can learn to add payment options to your form.

Bug Fixes in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping V08.2

New bugfix report includes information about the line break showing undefined, set value from - inside repeated action and labels in Hebrew Salesforce Table need to be translated.

There are some other bug fixes as well. A bug about the Custom push in Salesforce has been fixed. Similarly; PDF mapping, previewing checkbox in the PDF mapping, and mandatory fields inside a hidden section are updated with new bug fix routines.

Also, a new supported field type called recordtype has been added to Salesforce integration. For more details about recordtype, see this page.

You can also read more details about bug fixes in FormTitan v08.2.

Using Previous/Next Page options in Salesforce Action Button

In a multi-page form, you can take the users or form fillers to a previous or next page. Once a user fills in the form, a custom button is used to push or get the data.

As the form filler uses the custom button, it is a nice practice to take the user to the previous or next page. Here, the custom button refers to Action button that gets or pushes data when used. The push or get operation involves the Salesforce objects.

For the said purpose, the feature has been added to Action Button configuration window.

Read more about using the previous/next page options in Salesforce Action button. Also, learn to use the Action button to push data and to Get data.

Adding HREF to The Salesforce Table in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

Have you ever thought about adding links to your table from your Salesforce account ?

While working with the tables, you can now add your desired links from your Salesforce account. In order to proceed with actionable steps, the following routine helps you cover the procedure.

Create a custom formula first. You create your custom formula in the Salesforce account. This will help you store the links of your choice.

Second, when using the Salesforce Table; all you have to do is add a mapping from your Salesforce formula field into your desired column.

Learn more about adding HREF to the Salesforce Table.

Ignore Empty Conditions in Action Button - Get in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

The "Ignore empty conditions" option plays a vital role in dealing with conditions.
You can set your condition rule while working in Salesforce Get Integration, but you can also ignore the case when a field is empty, there will be no condition added to the query.
As the name suggests the case, the Ignore Empty Conditions feature helps you ignore the empty fields. It can help you run the process with ease and build your forms with ease and proper functionalities.
This tutorial on the subject will help you understand the matter properly. Also, read about the Salesforce Get condition window.

PDF Mapping in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Vertical Align Added to Elements

The FormTitan has come up with a new addition regarding PDF Mapping. While working with the PDF Mapping, users can insert fields and play around various options of customization.

Now, the users can also set or change the field's vertical alignment. To change the settings for a field, just select the field, and choose your desired option from the Text V-align dropdown list. At the end, you can apply your settings.

To read more about the PDF Mapping, this tutorial about PDF Mapping can help you cover the concept properly. Also, read more about the subject on this page.

Translation: New category in Salesforce Get

The Salesforce Get window has been updated with a new category. The new category is known as Translation and is used to support forms that are not in the English language.

In order to populate your form picklists from Salesforce, the items are drawn in the English language by default. In that case, the Translation category helps you cover the gap, and helps you get the translated picklists by "Getting" the translation.

To use this feature, Turn on the Translation check box, and select the translation language from the list.

Learn more about the subject and all the categories of the Salesforce Get.

Bug Fixes in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration version 01.2

Several Bug fixes and updates are added to FormTitan version 01.2, including the following in details.

Modal windows are used to display messages to users, in the case when you need to show a message to users, about errors, mandatory fields or a thank you message. In the past, the modal window used to display at the top of the form only. Since it was a problem in the long forms, it has now been fixed properly.

Similarly, an issue with the hidden fields is also fixed. For more details about bug fixes, this tutorial provides more details. All the recent bug fixes have improved the user's experience with FormTitan.

Action Button in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Supporting Get now

You are quite familiar with using the Action Button for the Push operations. You have been experiencing the option of Action Button for pushing the data to Salesforce.

Now, the Action button can be used for the opposite operation. That means the users can now use the Action button to perform a Get operation from their Salesforce accounts.

Let's read more about the update regarding Action button. Also, learn how to use the Salesforce Action Button for the Get operation. These tutorials will help you understand the concept and use of Action button, along with more details with proper screenshots.

HREF Element in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: New Target options

As you know, the HREF element deals with the target URL and its settings. You can open the URL in various modes. For example, users can open their target URL in the same window or a new Tab.

The FormTitan has been updated with more options regarding opening the target URL. Now, the users can choose from a variety of modes to open their target URL.

Two new modes have been added in the HREF element. The users can now display their URLs in a new browser window or inside a container shown above the content.

Learn more about the New Target options added to HREF element

Operators added for Salesforce Get/Push

Operators play a vital role in defining complex conditions. For example, you can make use of operators in defining rules for fields.

The FormTitan's new features contain updates about operators. The new operators include the "Includes", "Excludes", "In", and "Not In".

The "Includes" operator is used for multi picklists. In the same manner, the "Excludes" operator is also used for multi picklists. The "In" operator is used in a WHERE clause and the "Not In" operator is also used in a WHERE clause.

Learn more about added operators for Salesforce Get/Push, or know more about all the available operators.

Salesforce: Value Rule is updated with Friendly Condition and Brackets

The FormTitan for Salesforce Integration system has been updated with new updates, including Friendly condition and Brackets are added to the Value Rule.

The Value Rule enables a user to decide about entering values for the fields. That said, the user can decide value types for the fields. For example, the user can decide that a specific field should only accept a specific type of data, say numeric data for currency field.

This feature has been used to increase the user's performance. Now, users can also add conditions with brackets, and perform more in-depth conditional algorithms for the fields.

Read more about adding value rules with friendly conditions and brackets.

Salesforce Get Action: Added Skip Message

As FormTitan allows Salesforce Integration, you can create and integrate your online forms with Salesforce.

With that in mind, once a user finishes the Get integration process; the Skip option can be used to skip the mapping process if multiple matches are found.

Now, the FormTitan has been updated with new features. One of those features is showing a custom skip message to users. This feature helps users understand the process with a custom skip message.

Read more about the subject, or go ahead to learn the entire process of creating a custom message when using Skip in Salesforce Get.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration and Mapping: Bug Fixes in V24.1

In the version 24.1, the FormTitan's system has been updated with several bug fix updates. New bug fix updates include the section selection, Numeric field when empty and Setting value to a hidden field.

The section selection highlights the improvement in displaying the sections, along with tabs and categories. You can now safely change the sections and experience the display according to each section.

Regarding Numeric field empty, the empty fields are saved with "empty" instead of a zero as a value.

In the same manner, issues with hidden fields have been fixed properly. To know more details about the bug fixes in V24.1, see this tutorial.

FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Else added to the Conditional Mapping

The else option in condition is used to increase the conditional scope. In programming or technical world, the else clause defines the options if a certain condition is not fulfilled.

As you know about condition inside the Push Mapping, the recent updates in FormTitan include the else feature.

For example, you can define a rule to change or affect a field on the basis of conditional status. That said, if a specific field is not empty, use the value of another field; or on the other hand, use the value from another specific field.

Read more about Else added to the Conditional Mapping.

Custom Value Rule Messages in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

The field value rules in FormTitan are important for validation purposes. As users can set the rules for their form fields, and accept the valid values for the fields.

In this case, if the user or the person filling into form enters a value that doesn't satisfy the field value; the user will see a message.

Along with updates in FormTitan, users can now alter the automated message. The users can create their custom messages for the field validation.

For more details, read about custom value rule messages in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration.

New Payment Integration in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration: Blue Snap

One of the most important features in FormTitan is payment integration. For those who want their forms with payment options, this improvement will play a vital role regarding Blue Snap addition.

As you know, FormTitan is already supporting different payment integration options including Paypal, Stripe, Tranzila, and Mollie.

The new payment integration advancement highlights the Blue Snap. For more in-depth information about FormTitan's payment integration and modes, this tutorial contains more details about the subject.

Also, you can read more details about Blue Snap addition in the FormTitan. Briefly, this post contains links to articles that help users in adding a payment to forms.

Bug Fixes in FormTitan Form Builder for Salesforce version 23.1

New bugs have been identified and fixed to improve the Salesforce experience. To have a look at recently fixed bugs, let's dive into details.

A new language support has been added to lookup modal window. The users can now set their captions in languages they want.

There are several other bug fix improvements too. They include visibility improvement in lookup window, and advancement in fields holding long values. Similarly, you can now play around rules for hidden fields.

For more details, the page at below link holds information about all bug fix updates in the recent version.

Bug Fix report in version 23.1

Bug Fix updates in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

On a routine basis, we focus on hunting down bugs, fix and improve our system for better Salesforce experience.

In the latest updates regarding FormTitan, we have fixed and improved our system, including the following details.

When the form is used in Hebrew, from Right to Left, the condition was having issues with usability. In that case, the condition was usually supposed to work properly; however, the display was confusable.

The problem has now been solved, and there is no such condition regarding the conditions or display.

Read more about the recent Bug Fixes.

Set Value taken from different Fields in Salesforce

The Set Value option of the condition results is used for defining a condition. This condition helps users to set a value to a chosen input field, in case of the True status.

The said feature has been enhanced with more options. The new feature is called the "Set Value From" and helps users set a value taken from a different field. It will happen in case of the True status of the condition.

With that in mind, the "Set Value From" option makes it possible to insert values from fields.

To know more about the subject, this tutorial about Setting Values taken from different fields will help you clarify the concept and proceed with actionable steps.

New Value Rule in Salesforce: Address Validation

The address validation rule is one of the new features in FormTitan for Salesforce. The address validation, as its name suggests, is used to validate the address being entered in a text box or an address element.

The system shows the status of the field in both cases, valid or invalid. A green indicator will be shown in case of valid, or a red if the value is found invalid.

This option also lets a user choose a specific country, or enter the address format suitable as a global address.

Read more about the subject, or learn to use the address validation in details.

Salesforce: Ignore Mandatory for Debug

In the process of testing your form, you can ignore the mandatory fields. After creating your forms, you will do need to test them, before you make them available for use.

To spot out errors, ignoring mandatory fields will help you save time. This option will even help you ignore multiple mandatory fields in multi-page forms.

The Mandatory feature works like the Debug mode. You can freely use your forms, fill in the fields, spot out errors and make changes before publishing your form.

Let's dive deep, and read more about ignoring mandatory fields. This tutorial about using the Ignore Mandatory option will help you cover the knowledge properly.

Salesforce Integration: Condition added to the Push Mapping

A condition mapping option has been added for the Salesforce users. This option will positively affect the performance of the Salesforce integration experience.

After integrating your forms with Salesforce, you can map your form fields to Salesforce fields with a condition. With that clarified, specific fields are mapped to certain Salesforce field of your choice.

Unlike usual field mapping, this advancement helps users map fields with conditions. That said, depending on condition results, users can map their form fields to a single Salesforce field.

Read more about condition feature added to the Push Mapping. Also, this tutorial about Push Integration Conditioned Mapping will help you learn the specifics.

Using Page Break Inside Dynamic PDF in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

The Dynamic PDF feature has been added in the FormTitan recently. It helps users to insert HTML to create their PDF. With the new editor for Dynamic PDF Mode, you can use HTML to create PDF files, as well as make use of styles for improved performance.

Now, to create a multi-page PDF in the Dynamic Mode, you will have to add a page break to your PDF in the editor.

To know more about the subject, this tutorial about Dynamic PDF mode will cover the roadmap properly. Also, have a look at this page about page breaks inside Dynamic PDF.

How to Ignore Assignment Rules in FormTitan for Salesforce

Assignment rules in salesforce help you automate the process of lead generation. Users can use assignment rules with Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Leads, and Cases.

Fortunately, FormTitan also supports ignoring the Assignment rules. It means you can ignore assignment rules while pushing your data. You can use the option by taking on the Update action in Accounts, Leads or Cases.

Learn more about Assignment Rules and how to create them. You can proceed to this page about basics of Assignment Rules or tutorial about how to ignore assignment rules in Salesforce.

New Dynamic PDF Mode added in FormTitan for Salesforce Integration

For those who deal with PDF files in their Form and Salesforce experience, FormTitan has been updated with new feature regarding PDF mapping.

The new feature is called the Dynamic PDF Mode. This feature helps users to create PDF by using HTML code. This option provides a flexible routine for PDF mapping tasks and helps the users add styles or dynamic tables in their forms.

Learn more about PDF mapping, and take the step to see this page about using Dynamic PDF mode. You can also learn more about using the Dynamic PDF feature.

Salesforce Integration: Language support in Calendar Element

As you know, FormTitan supports pop up calendars and provides easy usage routines to enhance the user experience. Apart from calendar's basic usage, new features have been added in calendar feature.

New language support has been added to the calendar. You can now make use of new languages in the calendar, Russian and Hebrew.

For those who create multi-language forms, this feature has become a vital one. Under Date and Time, you can now see the language change icon that will help you choose your desired language for date and time.

Let's jump on to the page about new language support in calendar element.

Using Salesforce Action Button in a Multi-Page Form

FormTitan allows you to push data into Salesforce before you submit the form. You can accomplish this feature with the Salesforce Action button. Also, the Action button helps you jump around pages in a multi-page form.

That said, once the user presses the Action button, the user will experience the next, or previous page depending on the case.

To know more about how to use the Action button, and take the users to pages, see this tutorial. Also, learning about using the custom button in a multi-page form will help you cover the concept properly.

Salesforce Integration: Added Button - Reset Signature

We have discussed the button types before. We have also learned about button types that are inserted into the form.

In this post, we are going to discuss the signature and how a user can remove or reset his signature in the form.

Previously, the users were able to clear the signature by double-clicking the signature field. Now, by adding a new button type, called the Reset Signature, the users can clear the signature more easily.

This process works better with placing a Reset button next to the Signature element. To know more about using the Reset Signature, refer to this tutorial.