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Optimize Your Landing Page with Auto Translate

What is a Landing Page? Before we try and understand why translating a landing page is so important, we should first remind ourselves the meaning and functionality of the landing page.
A landing page is a webpage that is displayed when a potential customer clicks an ad or a result link in a search engine. This landing page usually displays content that is a relevant extension of the advertisement or link. This page is of great importance to your business. It determines whether a potential client will make a purchase or convert into an actual lead.

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Use the spell checker to optimize your form

The Spell check is important Do you understand the importance of spell checking your online form? Do you understand the Impact a mistake can have on your landing page conversion? Your landing pages, or even the simplest forms in your web pages, play a big role in maintaining as well as bettering your sales and business reputation. If there is a typo or spelling mistake in your landing page it has a great effect on the impression you give.
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How to optimize your lamding page with a Live Chat

There are many ways to improve your landing page conversion rate: an eye catching design, a noticeable CTA button, few fields, fewer mandatory fields, social auto filler, etc. Another way to boost your conversion is adding a live chat to your landing page.

What is a live chat?
According to Webopedia "Live support is a Web service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors to their Web site. Live support applications are commonly used to provide immediate customer support and information to clients and customers".

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Use Social autofill to improve conversions

Don't make your visitores afraid of filling in formsNo one likes filling in forms. Especially if you need to enter the same data again and again in different websites. It is repetitive, tiring & off putting. But what if you could automatically fill in the data by using data you have already entered somewhere else? This is exactly what Social autofill is all about: it lets you connect to a chosen social network and get the data from them.

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