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CTA button Contrast VS. Color

The CTA button is a very important element in your landing page. Any goal or target you may have set for your page - it should all lead to this button. Sign up, feedback, order, download, buy etc. these are all the target actions you want your visitor to do in your page.
There are many ways to lead the visitors to the button and get this done - one of them is Contrast.

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FormTitan is an Alternative to form builders: Wufoo, Jotform, Formstack

It has become very common to create your own web forms with an online form builder. What was not long ago the territory of programmers has become another DIY zone thanks to online form builder tools.
There are many online form builders to choose from, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The variety of tools may be confusing however if you look closely at the differences you can find the right tool for yourself. We have taken the liberty to make a comparison between 4 top online form builders, in order to make the differences more apparent. The following online form builders are considered to be alternatives for one another:
Wufoo, jotform, formstack & Formtitan.
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Version Unleashed


Optimize your CTA (Call-To-Action) button

What is a CTA? CTA is an acronym for “call to action”. It is a term used in marketing as an instruction to provoke a response. It usually includes a verb to make an active sentence. like: “call us now” or “find out more”. In web forms, a CTA is used as a banner, button or promoting text that tries to get the user to submit your form. Converting him into a lead and later into a customer.
Because you may have lots of visitors on your page, but if you can’t convert them into customers it doesn’t mean anything. It is up to you to let your visitors know what it is you want them to do. It is up to you to convince them.
Now that we’ve determined what we want our users to do when they get to our site, the next step is simply telling them to do it.
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